080 sosThe nature of an emergency is that you need to get hold of someone fast. 080SOS works by calling all of the people in your CallHome4Free phone book, so up to nine people, all at once.

When calling their unique CallHome4Free 080 number, the caller is prompted to press 0 to place an emergency call or 1-9 to place a standard free call to a saved contact. On pressing 0, this activates 080SOS and calls all of the numbers on the list simultaneously to increase the chances of reaching someone more quickly, rather than trying several people separately.

The first person to answer by pressing 1 picks up the free call. Pressing 1
ensures that the call is picked up by a real person and not a voicemail service.

080SOS can be used in conjunction with the CallHome4Free service or as a separate standalone service.
Those that sign up for CallHome4Free will receive the 080SOS service free for one month. After this, 080SOS costs just £3 a month when used alongside CallHome4Free or £5 as a standalone service.

To find out more about 080SOS, call 0800 021 0090, Contact Us or Register Here.