About Us

“My kids are rubbish at keeping in touch”

It was a summer evening in 2016.  CallHome4Free’s founder, Selwyn Moon was enjoying a meal with good friends, Ken and Sue.  They were chatting about teenagers and the problems of keeping in touch.

“They never think to ring us,” Ken and Sue complained.  “Sometimes it’s weeks till we hear from them.  We’re not being nosey.  We just want to know they’re OK.  When we challenge them about it, they just come up with the same old excuses – ‘my phone was out of charge’.  ‘I had no credit’ or even ‘I dropped my phone down the loo!’ ”

It was at this point that Selwyn underwent one of those Eureka moments.  Ken and Sue’s problem was surely one shared by millions of people – anyone, in fact, with a vulnerable relative or friend (young or old) living away from home.

What if there was a phone system that

  • could be used by anyone from any phone?
  • would cost nothing to the user – the charges being prepaid by the account holder?
  • would take care of issues and excuses, such as lack of credit or flat batteries?

This would bring peace of mind and, in certain situations, could literally be a life-saver.

And so – from this germ of an idea has grown CallHome4Free. But, as the business grew, the opportunity for a related service soon became apparent to Selwyn.


What if a loved-one is in serious and immediate difficulty?

Increasingly, clients (businesses, parents and local charities) raised with Selwyn the notion of emergency phone calls.  What if a loved-one or a vulnerable service user finds themselves in trouble?  Maybe they’re out for the night have become separated from friends.  Maybe they’re feeling threatened.  Maybe they have nowhere to sleep for the night.  Maybe they’re out of cash?  Perhaps they’re elderly and are confused about how to get home?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a telephone service where, by pressing a single button, the caller can ring up to nine contacts simultaneously?  The first one to pick up takes the call and can help deal with the emergency.

“Thank God for 080SOS!  I dread to think what might have happened without it”

Again, the cost is paid for the by the account holder.

Keeping your loved-ones stay safe and the vulnerable secure

Our mission is to bring peace of mind to the vulnerable and to those who care for them.

We know the value of hearing the voice of someone you love and the reassurance that comes with knowing they’re OK.  Thousands of people use our services every day.  Thousands of people who now go about their daily lives, feeling safer for themselves and reassured about those who matter most to them.

Stay in touch.  Stay safe.
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