Call Home 4 Free

Free phone at the point of use –
no cost to them, low cost to you

A low-cost phone system – just so you know they’re OK

  • Cheap, simple-to-use alternative to reverse charge calls – 9p per minute to landlines, 15p to mobiles
  • Calls are FREE to the caller = no more excuses for not calling!
  • Keep in touch with loved ones – 24/7
  • Can be used from any phone or device (landlines or mobiles)
  • No monthly rental or contract
  • Say ‘goodbye’ to horrendous Pay-As-You-Go costs
  • CallHome4Free won’t send premium rate text messages that incur costs on receipt.
  • CallHome4Free can be used to call UK mobiles internationally*.
*Extra roaming charges may apply. Check with your provider.

            Do you worry about you loved-ones?

Do you have a child away at University?

Do you have a loved-one who is vulnerable?
– a teenager who has just moved out?
– an elderly relative, uncomfortable with modern phones?

In the case of a young relative, are they ‘typical’ young people who, in their desire for independence, rarely call home?

How often have you heard the excuse –

‘I ran out of credit’
‘I lost my mobile’
‘My phone had no charge left’

Or what about an elderly friend or relative?  They too cherish their independence and can sometimes be just as obstinate as teenagers!
Have you heard this before

‘I can’t be doing with mobile phones’
‘I can never remember anyone’s number’
‘I’ll be fine.  Don’t worry!’

Stay in touch. Stay Safe. Find out more – call us today on 0800 021 0090 or go to our Contact Us page

“We don’t want to pry, We just want to know you’re OK”

Did you know?  On average, 74% of students run low on credit 43 times a year.  The same number completely run out of credit 29 times a year.

No wonder parents become frustrated and worried at the sudden lack of contact.  It’s not that they want to pry.  Parents genuinely don’t want to know in detail about what their kids are getting up to!  But they do want to feel reassured that they’re OK.

Now – thanks to CallHome4Free, parents can plan ahead to ensure that their sons and daughters no longer fall into this pattern and can always call their parents from any phone for free!

So how does it work and who pays? Cheaper phone calls are better

It’s an easy 2-step process –

  1. You sign up your loved-one for the service and receive a unique Freephone 080 number.
  2. You pre-pay for the calls that will be made.
  3. Store up to nine numbers on the phone. For example, 1 for Mum, 2 for Dad, 3 for Grandma, 4 for cousin Jo etc.

Your loved-one now has the phone.  When the need arises, they dial their dedicated CallHome4Free number and follow the prompts to make the call. The call costs nothing to the caller. It’s been pre-paid by you, the account holder.