According to research by a well-known telecoms service provider in 2010, on average 74% of students run low on credit 43 times a year and completely run out of credit 29 times a year.

This infuriates parents who sometimes go long periods of time without talking to their children as a result.

Well now, thanks to CallHome4Free, parents can plan ahead to ensure that their sons and daughters no longer fall into this pattern and can always call their parents from any phone for free!

callhome4freeSo how does it work and who pays?

Individuals can sign their loved one up for the service and receive a unique freephone 080 number. They then follow the instructions to store up to nine landline or mobile numbers. For example, 1 for Mum, 2 for Dad, 3 for Grandma, 4 for cousin Jo etc.

The caller, in this instance a university student who wants to reach his cousin, dials the freephone number and follows the prompts to make the call. The phone call doesn’t cost the caller any money at all as the person who signed up to the service has pre-paid for the call.

Unlike ‘reverse charges’ calls, Callhome4free calls are charged at just 9p per minute to landlines and 15p to mobiles and the recipient of the call is not charged. Credit is pre-paid in a similar manner to topping up a Pay As You Go phone by whoever sets up the service by going online and paying via Paypal or credit/debit card.

Benefits of CallHome4Free

  • Unlike reverse charges, the call costs are low at just 9p per minute to landlines and 15p to mobiles.
  • CallHome4Free can be used from any phone (landlines or mobiles).
  • No monthly rental or contract is required.
  • No call duration limit is imposed.
  • The calls are free to the caller.
  • Unlike other providers, CallHome4Free won’t send premium rate text messages that incur costs on receipt.
  • Callhome4free can be used to call UK mobiles internationally*.

*Extra roaming charges may apply. Check with your provider.

To find out more about CallHome4Free, call 0800 021 0090, Contact Us or Register Here.