Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive, if you have a query that hasn’t been answered get in touch:

callhome4free faqsQ1. Can I call anywhere in the world?

A1. Yes but you’ll need to call us for a price and we’ll set it up for you


Q2. Can I change the destinations myself?

A2. Yes, we provide you with a unique secure log in to your portal


Q3. Does the service work 24/7?

A3. Yes of course


Q4. Do I pay extra for calls during Peak Times of the day

A4. No, all our rates are the same across the day – 24/7


Q5. What happens if I forget my password?

A5. Due to the nature of the service we take security very seriously.   To rest your password phone us on 0800 021 0090, we will ask you some security questions so have the details of the number on the service, your current payment details and, if you can remember it your user name.

Q6. If I call my CH4F number from somebody else’s phone how does the person or persons know it’s me?

A6. That’s the another one of the beauty’s to our service! regardless of the phone being used your CH4F number always comes up. So make sure all your contact list have the number saved in their phones.